Blogs = still the best representation of the Internet’s promise. Everyone should have a site that they own, not just a social media account (which are great for promoting blog posts).
— Ben Thompson June 7, 2020

I bought this domain about six years ago in the hope of setting it up over a weekend.
300 Weekends have gone by.

Couple of things kept me away from doing this.
1. Anxiety arround decision making.
   - What is the right blogging engine? Where do we deploy this? What if I pick wrong one?
   - What if I write something and I dont like it in few years. My timeline is full of tweets that I would cringe at today.
2. Simplicity of Twitter
   - Whenever I wanted to write something long, Twitter is right there. No need to set anything up.

Two things have made me come out of it.
   1. Even some of my favorite writters agreed that even they cringe at their old writing.
      Making mistakes is sometimes a way to get better at something. There is pretty good talk by Alex Martelli about this.
   2. Ben Thompson's tweet.

To that end, I hope to write here twice a month.